Research Interests:

Supermassive black holes | Galaxy formation and evolution | 
Numerical  hydrodynamics | Galaxy groups and clusters | 
Intra-cluster medium | Jets | Accretion disks

Education and Appointments

09/2021 – present: CITA Postdoctoral Fellow, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Toronto
09/2018 – 08/2021: ITC Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian
02/2018 – 07/2018: Postdoc, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Theoretical Astrophysics Group (group leader: Volker Springel)
10/2014 – 01/2018: Ph.D. Student, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies and Heidelberg University (advisor: Volker Springel)
10/2013 – 09/2014: Master thesis, Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy Heidelberg (advisor: Andrea V. Macciò)
09/2012 – 09/2014: M.Sc. in physics, specialization astrophysics, Heidelberg University
04/2012 – 06/2012: Bachelor thesis (advisors: Jochen Weller, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich; Steen Hannestad, Aarhus University)
08/2011 – 07/2012: Erasmus exchange student at Aarhus University, Denmark
10/2009 – 07/2012: B.Sc. in physics at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Selected Conferences and Talks

08/2021:   Invited talk & discussion panel at “Conference on philosophical aspects of simulations in cosmology” (remote)
06/2021: Talk at “Jets 2021”, Heidelberg, Germany (remote)
10/2020: Invited talk at “YAGN20”, Copenhagen, Denmark (remote)
03/2020: Invited talk at “IAU Symposium 359 – Galaxy Evolution and Feedback across Different Environments (GALFEED)”,  Bento Gonçalves, Brazil
02/2020: Talk at “Galaxy Quenching and Transformation Throughout Cosmic Time”, Aspen, CO, USA
06/2019: Talk at “Supermassive Black Holes: Enviroment and Evolution”, Corfu, Greece
03/2019: Talk at “ITC Luncheon”, CfA Harvard, USA
02/2019: Talk at “ITC Pizza Lunch”, CfA Harvard, USA
09/2018: Talk at the “15th Potsdam Thinkshop”, Germany
01/2018: ITC Special Seminar, CfA Harvard, USA
10/2017: Invited talk at ”Young Astronomers on Galactic Nuclei“, Centro de Estudios de Física del Cosmos de Aragón (CEFCA), Spain
10/2017: Talk at “The Role of Gas in Galaxy Dynamics”, Valletta, Malta
08/2017: Talk at “From Black Hole to Environment — Galaxy Evolution across Multiple Wavelengths”, Canberra, Australia
12/2016: Talk at “Galaxy clusters: physics laboratories and cosmological probes”, KICC, Cambridge, UK
09/2016: Talk at “The changing face of galaxies”, Hobart, TAS, Australia