Voronoi mesh
Arepo’s adaptive Voronoi mesh

Arepo is the main simulation code I am using for my reserach. I am involved in its development and maintenance. Recently, I have been working on the release of the public version of Arepo and I am responsible for the code webpage. One of the code’s defining features is its discretization of hydrodynamics on a moving Voronoi mesh that can be adaptively adjusted to the simulation problem (see figure on the left).

Illustris TNG

cosmic web
Gas density in the IllustrisTNG 300 simulation

I am part of the team of researchers responsible for the IllustrisTNG project. This followup project of the Illustris simulation project consists of very extensive simulation of cosmological structure formation and galaxy formation in unprecedented scope and physical complexity. In short, the simulations start at the (well constrained) early universe and follow the formation of large-scale structure down to galaxy scales over 13 billion years. My particular focus in this simulation project are the demographics of supermassive black holes, located in most massive galaxies in the simulations, as well as the effects of actively gas-accreting supermassive black holes, so-called active galactic nuclei and their imprint on the galaxy population.

Black hole driven jets in galaxy clusters

AGN driven jet
Jet propagation through the intra-cluster medium

Signatures of powerful, collimated outflows driven by supermassive black holes are frequently observed in the hot atmospheres of galaxy clusters. The these collimated outflows are stopped by the hot gas and hot, energetic lobes form in the galaxy cluster center. How these lobes interact with their environment, whether they distribute their energy and through wich physical meachanism still is under debate. This project aims to simulate these systems in as much fidelity as possible, including all possible mechanisms and study in detail whether the resulting behaviour matches observations. This way, the exact interaction mechanism can be determined by disproving all alternative scenarios.